Legal statement – website, homepage content

Eco-Cranes Hungary Kft – herein after referred to as operators – informs you that browsing our web pages also means acceptance of the following conditions:

  • Its operating websites, and their content or any details are protected by copyright. Only the owner of the operator is entitled to exercise the rights attached to this.
  • Without prior written consent from the operator it is forbidden to use, reproduce, transfer, distribute, adapt or store all or part of the contents of the website in any format. The operator, however, gives consent for you to freely store or print the content or extracts of these webpages for your own personal use – the content of the website of the operator is to be understood as originally stated without changes.
  • It is possible that changes are made to the website without the will and control of the operator, for which – unless the law stipulates otherwise – the operator assumes no responsibility concerning the accuracy, reliability, being up-to-date or the content of the website in front of you related to the information, documents or other written material available on the website.
  • The operator reserves the right to modify or revise their webpages to limit or terminate their availability. The operator does not guarantee that access to the websites will be continuous or error free. The operator expressly excludes liability for damage and/or loss resulting from access to the website or to information, documentation or other written materials, from their direct or indirect use, from the state of the website being unsuitable for operation, from defects or any malfunction or from being misunderstandable.
  • The operator assumes no responsibility for contents created, transmitted, stored, made accessible, or published by a third party, to which the operator’s websites are linked or to which they refer.
  • Certain webpages of the operator may stipulate regulations different from the current law provisions, therefore the knowledge and acceptance of the prevailing regulations and conditions of use is a precondition of using the individual services.

Data protection statement

When you visit our website you also supply us with your personal data.

  • Your personal data (i.e. data that may be related to your person) may be processed by us in two ways. On the one hand certain technical data related to the computer, the web browser, the web address, and technical data looked at by you are automatically generated in our computer system. On the other hand you can also specify your name, contact details, or your other data if you wish to personally contact us while using the website, or if you register on our system in order to make a purchase.
  • During the design of our website we tried to ensure that the handling of your personal data should happen only to the extent necessary to use the services of the website, and in complete accordance with your instructions, and in full compliance with existing legal provisions.
  • We will not hand over your personal data that we handle while you are visiting our website to a third party, except for automatically created technical data concerning the web traffic statistics of the website generated for the internet server operator.
  • The site visit statistics are regularly measured by the operators themselves.
  • Your data which is managed by our internet web customer service can only be accessed by our own employees and only to the extent necessary to perform their duties and to provide the service you require, and to answer your questions or reply to your comments.
  • Data protection registration number of resolution: NAIH-88424.