1. Registration and log in

Only registered users can buy products at the daruk-emelok.hu site. Therefore, to make a purchase first register, then confirm your registration via the link received by email. Then log in to the system as a registered user.

2. Selection of products

If you wish to order an item, find it in the search box or navigate to the appropriate product category appearing on the left of the page – where you can further narrow the search with a drop down filter menu. To select the required size, first click on the Size button. Complete the required number of items in the field next to the selected product size, and then place the product in the Basket. The selected products will appear under the blue basket symbol together with the required amount and the gross price. At the same place you can see the total price and shipping costs, which will only have to be paid if, in the next step, you require home delivery. If you change your mind about buying some of the products in the basket, you can take them out of the basket with the Delete button that can also be found here under the name of the product. Then press the blue Payment button under the total amount.

3-a. Selecting the mode of delivery

In the drop down menu of the mode of delivery you can choose from the following options:

  • Collection in person (you can transfer the money in advance or pay in cash on the spot)Collection in person is possible at the following address:
    • 2151 Fót, Ybl Miklós u.42.
  • Home delivery by MPL (money transfer or payment on delivery)
    • Up to 2 kg HUF 1,400 Ft + VAT
    • Up to 5 kg HUF 1,500 Ft + VAT
    • Up to 10 kg HUF 1,700 Ft + VAT
    • Up to 20 kg HUF 1,900 Ft + VAT
  • Delivery of packages in excess of 40 kg is individually priced, which is always agreed in advance with the Customer by telephone.

The delivery address will be the address given at registration, unless the Customer specifies otherwise by telephone. A delivery address different from the registered address must be confirmed in writing by an email sent to info@ecocranes.hu
Select the appropriate mode of delivery, and then wait until the screen is updated.

3-b. Selection of payment method

You can choose from the following options in the Payment drop down box:

  • Payment on delivery + postage

Choose the appropriate payment method and then wait for the screen to update.

Then you can return to the products with the Back button, or finalise your purchase with the Payment button.

In case of personal collection only cash payment is acceptable, at present (for the time being) we are unable to accept bank cards.
Personal collection is possible at a pre-arranged time.

4. Placing your order

You will receive a confirmation email, and our employees will contact you as soon as necessary.

If, following the receipt of the order, we find that the ordered product is currently not in stock, then we are within our rights to offer you a product  or service of similar quality and value, or to withdraw from the contract.

Should a fault or defect occur in the products or prices at daruk-emelok.hu , we will immediately inform the customer after the discovery or correction of the fault of the new data. Following that the customer can once again confirm the order, otherwise  - daruk-emelok.hu - can withdraw from the contract.

All the prices on our website are given in Hungarian Forints and does not include VAT ( 27% ).
Important characteristics of the subject of the contract. The characteristics of the purchased goods can be seen in detail from the information next to the specific product.  The supplier of the product is responsible for any inaccuracies that might occur in the description. We only sell original products.