ECO1 mobile gantry crane

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The mobile portal crane is a light-structured travelling crab track. It comes with a steel structure, which can be rolled along pulleys. In cases where the loading requirement does not require the installation of a bridge crane and there is no concrete base installed it may offer a cheap and practical solution.

It can be used outside and in manufacturing halls; it is a flexible solution for loading, unloading and repair works. It can be easily moved to the required place of utilization.

Two out of the four differentials are supplied with brakes; the structure can be secured by using these brakes prior to starting the lifting process.

The mobile gantry crane is available with manual or electric crab movement, with manual or electric hoist. Due to the screw connection of the console it can be adjusted gradient free, so when we need to move the system it can be easily dismantled and reinstalled.

Power supply is provided along the track with a C rail, cable car and flat cables. A selector switch is installed on the post.

The framework structure can be ordered in colors of your choice.

Cannot find the right option? Additional loads, gantry crane span, structural heights and colors are available upon request. Please enter into the CRANE CONFIGURATOR menu where you will find many answers regarding your jib crane , but if you have any further requests or ideas please email us at the given contact details :

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